Sunday, February 15, 2015

Windows Phone 10 Technical preview is now available for Windows phones

A long waited dream happened! Microsoft launched Windows 10 Preview for Phone. I have been waiting since they announce new Widows phone OS along with Windows 10 OS, i had  installed Windows phone insider application but got some bad news " No build for your device". I was angry and unhappy but yesterday everything change, i got my long waited OS on my Nokia Lumia 630. One thing is true, This OS will work on phone which run on Windows 8 and higher. Thanks Microsoft !....

Lets come to the Windows phone OS? Good or Bad

First answer is Super!! Fast !! and More customization than previous builds , one of the interesting feature is about Background images, now we can fit background to full screen , no black or white borders. It will fit on screen. Only thing you need is a Good background image that match with your color scheme.

Windows 10 for phone

More features on Notification center :  On Windows 10, we have lots of features in Notification center, more powerful and more icons. We can add more more title/icons on notification center.
Notification center
Microsoft also added some features on Application list, Latest installed application will listed on the top, below this Application will list alphabetic order. So user can easily find latest installer applications.

Settings :  More customization options available, minor UI changes can be seen on Settings window and intelligent listing of items.

Cortana:  Cortana has some minor UI changes, may be there will be new features.

At this moment we write about features those have visible changes or features those are not in Windows 8.1. But coming days we will go through phone and update as soon as possible

How to Install latest build on your device 

1. Install Windows phone insider

2. Join in Window insider program ( Require Microsoft/ Outlook account )

3. Run application and check whether you have latest build

4. Follow instructions and download build

5. Restart Phone experience changes !!!
Windows phone 10 Technical preview build
Nokia Lumia 630 runs on Windows 10

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