Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to use Whatsapp on Computer

We were waiting, not we were , most of us, to use Whatsapp on Computer, or on Windows PCs.  Today the same day of Windows 10 event, whatsapp launched a Desktop version. This is not a fully Desktop version, it actually a Chrome extension but it work well.

How to use Whatsapp on Google chrome 

1) We need one of the device ( Windows phone, Android, iOS, Blackberry) and whatsapp application.
2) This feature available only in updated whatsapp version. Goto Whatsapp website (using any of your mobile browser), then to download page using one of the above device
3) On the download page, it will redirect to your App store/ Play store/ Windows store
4) Update Whatsapp 
5) Open latest Whatsapp application

7) Goto menu, You can see whatspp web under archived chat ( on windows )
8) Scan QR code form this website

Lets start whatsspp for web
Whatsapp for Computer
Limitations : It is not an actual application, Your Tablet or Mobile phone should have Internet connection to access this application...

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