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How to install Apple Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite on Intel Computer

We use Windows, Linux, most of them use  one of them. Both are popular but different technologies. Even though these are different, there is one thing common ,  these can be installed on any PC, whether it runs on Intel or AMD or another ARM processors. Beside these operating system, we also have Apple Mac OS X , very popular but it come with its own hardware and not available like Windows or Linux. Later they stop selling OS's DVD or USB, now it is only available through Mac store. It is very difficult to get genuine operating system if you don't have any mac computer.  Past, they use Power PC's to run mac operating system, PowerPCs use a different processor made from IBM and Motorola but later Apple decided to use Intel processors, from that time, Apple OS X  can be installed on Intel processors. We can install it on any Intel processors but it won't compatible with other third party devices like LAN, Sound, WiFi etc.. Many of these issues can be fixed using Multibeast software and other related kext files.

In this article we write about Yosemite, Apple's latest operating system. Yosemite has lots of new features for this modern world. It communicate with other devices like Apple I phone and iPad better than from old days. You can  continue where you left on one devices from another devices if it connected. There are lots of new features on new Yosemite, refers Apple website to learn more.

Lets install Max OS X 10.10, Yosemite on Computer

1, You need a Apple Mac OS X 10.10 installation software, Download ( Update : kickass change domain from kickass[dot]so to kickass[dot]to so new download link :
kickass[dot]to/os-x-yosemite-10-10-14a389-for-intell-pc-t9722323.html  )

2, You need a Intel computer
3, You need a 8 GB or higher USB disk
4, You need a secondary hard disk ( optional)

Lenovo Z570 with 2nd generation Intel i5 Processor, 16 GB USB 3.0 pendrive, Samsung 250GB SSD, WD 750 GB HDD

Here I used a secondary hard disk, I use my system in office too, so i don't want to lose anything from computer and don't want to harm my operating systems. So i removed original one and replaced with another one for mac installation. Some time it may damage your current boot loader, it won't delete any files but there is a chance to damage bootloader. If you don't have another one, you can install it on your current hard disk. Take backup for your data and create recover disks and usse it if you face any troubles. If you want to install it on your current hard disk, empty one of partitions and use Disk utility software to create mac partitions ( If you know what is FAT and NTFS, there is a similar format for Mac OS X operating systems,. In order to install mac you must change to that format). If you have another hard disk, you can create mac partitions using MacDrive 9 software. Watch video below  to know How to create mac partitions using Windows operating system. This video also show How to create mac bootable disks.

Once you create bootable usb disk, restart your computer and press F12 and get the boot options, select USB disk and press Enter, Press 1 to get Chameleon bootloader which is better than Clover. If you don't get this bootloader, restart your computer and press F2 during start up, Goto Boot options and set USB disk to high priority, move it to the top of the list, save and restart and select USB disk from boot options (F12), press 1 during booting and get Chemelon. Watch the video below, we explain everything on that video.

You should change to ( From options on Chamelon boot loader )

Boot args : -v or -x
Graphics Injector menu : Uncheck Inject Intel
Then return to bootloader home, select installer USB and continue installtion

Watch our video to get full installation steps.

Using Disk utility software 
Utilities - Disk utilities 
Select Disk/Partition  
Or Erase tab,  Change format and click on Erase button
Change format then Erase it

In this way you can create mac partitions

Post Installation :

Install multibeast software.
Install specific kext files.

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bloggerquanta said...

not able to download from the link given:

R. Arun said...

System reboots once i select install via usb, Help!

Arpit Jain said...

Not able to download fromBOX

Arpit Jain said...

Problem Download...

강태욱 said...

Can I install updates from Apple?

Duranovitch Saintil said...

mine crashes doing the process of going to the mac installer

mishra shivam said...

hey when i start clover it shows an aplle icon and and it keeps loading

mishra shivam said...

it is not booting by pressing 1

Govind Singh said...

hey can u give me link of latest mac os 10.10 iso file?
Which bootloader ask me to boot from either OSes?
if i want to remove mac os then what is the procedure?

sibin xavier said...


sibin xavier said...


they changed domain...

Parveez Khan said...

after multibeast also no audio plz help

Arav said...

how do you install multibeast and specific kext files

Marsel Miljic said...

its this tutorial compatible with usb3? because dont boot corect. Freeze..

Dhaval Sheladia said...

i have i3 3220 3rd gen, B75M D3H Motherboard....can i install Yosemite ??


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