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How to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Approach

Marketing your products in the social media has become an indispensable part of your business development. In the technologically advanced generation, a business without a social media exposure is bound to sink like a leaked boat.

With social media coming up with constant changes, marketing on the social media platform is getting complex day in and day out. Facebook recently has incorporated some tweaks which have forced many marketers to exit Facebook as a business promotional platform. Facebook is the leading social media network globally. Hence business promotion on Facebook is bound to have a huge audience.

In order to promote your business on Facebook there are certain guidelines that needs to be followed.

Select your Target Audience:

Determine who your target audiences are. You can promote your business gradually in Facebook if you sketch out and select your target audience. A well planned promotion is bound to succeed. Make sure who you cater to and promote your product accordingly. Make the queries of your clients the basis of your promotional strategy.

Increase your Site Traffic:

Your website is the window for your business. It is through this space that your target audience will be able to learn more about your products. Hence it is necessary to have more and more traffic channelized towards your site. It can be achieved by linking your sites with the social media sites. Putting the Facebook link in the websites lets quick sharing of the site in Facebook through direct links.

Utilize your Email Signature:

Utilizing your email signature ensures that you put in some of your specific traits into the promotional page. It is advisable to use your email signature in your fan page to pull in more traffic. Placing your Facebook icon in close proximity of your email address might trigger your email receiver to click on the links. This would indirectly generate more traffic.

Promoting Offline:

You know that you have a Facebook page. But do your customers? Promoting offline will encourage people to see check it online. Put up flyers and pamphlets with your Facebook information. You can also include your Facebook account information in your Office walls, product packages etc.

Establish time of Post:

You have already determined your target audience. You also need to know their behavioral traits. Your posts need to have maximum exposure. Hence you have to determine which time of the day your audience remains online the most. Posting your ads while your audience is online makes it more prone to audience seeing your fan page.

Schedule Your Updates:

Facebook provides a feature that lets you time your updates as per your advantage. You can pre-schedule your posts according to the time when your target audience is most active. Timely updates would surely pull in traffic. According to AMEX Open Forum Infographic, use of emoji in your update pulls up your visitors by 33%.

Incorporate Plugins:

You can expect rise in followers if you incorporate Plugins. Facebook plugins increases the brand awareness of your sites. You can also incorporate the side bar or like button of Facebook. The Plugin that you wish to use depends entirely upon you.

Interact with Your Clients:

Interacting with your clients, make your Facebook page more user friendly. Followers can assure that they would get some response if they have a query.  Interaction also with your clients makes you bond well with your customers and generates a sense of loyalty among them. You will have an added advantage of word -of -mouth publicity through this loyal client group.

These are few strategies a marketer can apply in their Facebook fan page to improve their site traffic. Promoting business through Facebook or any other social media is a gradual process. It takes time to establish. Once done no platform can give better exposure to your business that Facebook. Facebook has a daily user rate of more than 700 million. Hence you are bound to have a huge exposure and visitor to your page.

About the Author:
Emma is a freelance writer who writes informative articles for Social Media Writings

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