Thursday, October 9, 2014

Download Dedicated Google Hangout Application for Windows

Skype, Hangout , both are popular among internet users, products from two big IT giants. Skype is more popular because we can use it for chat, video chat, file share and most important thing, can be used to call telephones. Hangout  has many draw backs with its merits, one is dedicated application. Skype is available on all platforms and also in Facebook and Outlook. Hangout hadn't any dedicated software on Windows and Mac until today, today Google announced a dedicated Google chrome application on Windows and Google chrome OS. It is Chrome application, but we can used as ordinary Windows application, check below image.

Google hangout for Windows
 Features :

- It remaining on Desktop even though we close, turn off Google chrome browser.
- Application can be turned off using close button.
- Application starts when we open Google chrome browser
- Google plus friends lists
- Recent chat
- Can be open many chat.

Download from Chrome store : Google Hangout

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