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Best 3 Tools to Add Watermark in Adobe PDF Files

Watermarks are considered as recognized or customized patterns and images endorsed somewhere on the paper to make it a personalized property. These security codes or images are clearly visible in sharp reflection of light. In the contemporary era, the watermarks are designed and added on the paper using “Dandy-Roll” and “Cylinder-Mould” process on postage stamps, currency notes, etc. Now, in this digital era, these stamps have also become digitalized and even 3D with the changing pace of time and can be seen on legal documents, pictures or personal files. In this section, we have discussed the best 3 tools to add watermark in Adobe PDF files with their features and functional capabilities. Let’s first discuss the significance of the Watermark images.

Significance of Watermarks:

Watermarks are widely used on documents and files as a medium to control the unauthorized usage to a greater extent. They are further divided into two main categories including visible and invisible watermarks. Visible watermarks are accessible to normal eyes whereas the invisible images or codes can only be detected and extracted by the authorized person. Some important aspects offered by them are mentioned here in:

  • The main purpose of adding watermarks to a document is to make it a copyright property. 
  • The digital image acknowledges that the particular element belong to an individual or an organization. 
  • It helps in minimizing the possibilities of misuse of data as there are strict laws and rules exist against the unpermitted usage of the copyright components.
  • Watermarks serves as an important elements\clues when it comes to digital forensics investigation.

Watermarks and PDF Files:

Since the PDF files are widely used as legal documents, the watermarks when added to these documents make them completely a copyrighted and a legal authority. In the digitalized world, these files are used to share confidential information worldwide, so with the combination of watermarks, they offer more security to the owner or the associated authorities.
Though there are many tools available to add these images to the document; the best 3 tools to add watermark in Adobe PDF files are:

  1. Online Tool- PDFaid Watermark Creator
  2. Offline Tool- Adobe Acrobat Pro
  3. Commercial Tool- PDF Watermark

1. PDFaid Watermark Creator 

The online tool is available for free at It endorses watermark image on the PDF document based on the assigned instructions. The tool offers various features; that are:

  • Watermark text can be chosen as per requirements.
  • Offers to choose font type, size, color and style.
  • Provision to select text position and transparency.
  • Entire procedure can be done following the simple instructions.
Since it is an efficient solution, but the limitation is that the company’s stamp is displayed on the resultant file. 

2.Adobe Acrobat Pro- A Free Utility

This is an offline tool developed by Adobe that helps to add, update, replace and remove watermarks. The utility is widely popular and offers various features such as:
  • Offers to add text as well as image as watermark on PDF files.
Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Variety of options available in ‘Appearance’ tab to set the visual aspects. 

  • Option to set the position of the Watermark image on the document. 

  • Option to add watermark on single or multiple files at once.
  • Offers to add page range in case the watermark image is required on multiple pages.

The features and functionality delivered by the tool are efficient as it offers supplementary options such as advance appearance setting and multiple page settings.

3. PDF Watermark Tool- A Professional Solution

PDFWARE PDF Watermark Software is an advance watermark stamping tool, assembled with various impeccable features. These features are summed up in this section:
  • Option to add text as well as image as watermark on PDF document.
PDFWare PDF Watermark software
  • Option to add single file or folder containing multiple files.

  • Feature to remove the watermark stamp when required.
  • Offers customizing watermark such as font style, color, size, etc.
  • Option to set the transparency settings as per requirements.
  • Availability to scale the positioning of Watermark image on file.

  • Resultant file can be saved at user-defined location on machine.

  • Option to make new folder for saving the output file.

The tool is a proficient tool that is incorporated with all effective features. It operates in a seamless manner while delivering clarity and transparency in the watermark images. 

Conclusion: Although, there are many distinct tools available to add watermark stamps to the PDF files, but the professional tool offers more reliable features. Moreover, as the information existing in the PDF files is crucial; so are the security concerns with these files. Though the above mentioned are the best 3 tools to add Watermark in Adobe PDF files, there are tools that can be used to remove the assigned watermarks. So, to safeguard and protect the information from unauthorized elements, it becomes important to add the watermarks with the help of a secured and fully trusted tool.

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