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Best free Video converter software for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Video converters are use to convert one video format to another. It mainly used to convert videos to mobile friendly formats. It also used in big film /TV  industries.  Most of the new generation mobile phones support mp4/3GP/MPEG/AVI/WMV, It vary depend upon Mobile phone operating system, price , brand and segment, but in general all most all phones support 3GP/mp4 and AVI formats. Beside these formats modern phones support HTML 5 video formats.

Why Video converters are essential ?

You don't need any converter software to watch videos on high end phones. Some high end phones support almost all video formats, but  entry level or medium phones, doesn't support all . They have limitations. They may support , but if size go above a range , it won't support. So we need a video converter software to convert video to reduce size and also to change format.

We can see many video converters on web , free and paid versions. Paid versions mainly for big industries like film, TV, and not for home.Free versions are enough for Home users. In this article we cover free software.If you want paid software , you can either buy or use torrent websites.
warning : torrent may contain virus.

Unlike Windows 7 or old operating system , Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 support metro applications. so you will get more software / applications to convert your videos.

free video converter software

1# Miro video converter

Miro video converter is a free video converter that support almost all latest devices and  formats. Internet connection required for installation. I don't know whether they have offline installer. I use online installation step. Miro converter works on Windows , Mac and also Linux. It is a cross platform converter.Virtually it support all video formats. But in my experiments , some video formats , which generally come from adobe after effect and premier , are not supported.

Miro converter has simple user interface , you can convert videos without any confusion. If you don't know anything about video format , you can simply select device name and convert videos.It support almost all latest mobile/table devices.

Miro video converter software

Quality and size can be change, if you have little knowledge about format and quality, you can adjust these functions.

Bottom level : Miro is a simple but powerful video converter.It  belong to the modern converter softwares. Simple user interface and functionality make it suitable for all users. You don't need any extra knowledge to convert videos.
Video converter software
Download Miro converter

2# Free video converter

It is a free video converter software with lots of features. It have more features than Miro converter software.
free video converter software
Free make video converter software
Free make video converter is a great tool for convert your favorite videos to mobile or tablet friendly format. In the above shows that, this software has a  beautiful interface that make it easy to use. It support almost all video and audio formats so you  can convert any videos.

Some people reports that it take much more time  to convert videos, but if you have new processor , graphic card , it only take a view minute to convert videos. Normally , lengthy videos will take more time.
Video->select video
free make video converter software
1. Select an output format or brand name /Operating system ( to Apple etc, to Andriod)

2. Select device ( iPad 3. iPhone ).

3.Click on the gear button for setting/editing purpose.

4. Set output folder

5. Convert your videos.

Simple operation cycle.

Download free make video converter

3# Format Factory 

Format factory is another popular software for video conversion purpose.It support only Windows operating system. Important features includes large number of video format support, easy to use , simple interface and fast encoding. 3 hr video will take 1 and half hour only.

Format Factory Video converter
Very first step is decide or select your output format. Select any one from left side, All to MP4, ALL to AVI or any other. Then add your video files.

Format Factory
Then start convert.

Easy and simple. One disadvantage i notice is that, it interface look old, not interesting one.

Download Format Factory

# 4 Any Video Converter
Any Video converter software

Any video converter is  free , yet powerful video converter. It can use to convert video to all format and to all devices. Main advantage of this software is , you can see a  number of devices on  list. Just select and convert.

Device list
Any Video converter has a inbuilt video player, that can use to play videos before conversion. It also have simple video editing tools, video cutter etc...

So in our view, it also a good tool, a must have tool for Windows operating system.

Download Any Video converter

5# Simple Video Converter ( Windows 8 metro application)

Metro applications only work with Windows 8 and higher versions. It won't work on Windows 7 and Vista. As name indicate Simple converter has very simple interface.

Video converters for Windows 8
Simple Video Converter for Windows 8
- Support many video formats
- Video to MP3 and Other Audio formats

Goto Windows store and search for Simple video converter

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