Tuesday, March 18, 2014

VLC player has launched a new video player for Windows 8.1

Most popular cross platform video player VLC media player  has released a new  video player for Windows 8.1. VLC media player for Windows 8.1 haven't all functions of desktop version, but support all basic features including Music player. You can open file from both internal and external disk. Simple interface makes everything easy.  It automatically pause when you leave metro to desktop, same way once you open other metro application it automatically pause. It resume only if you return to VLC media player.

Screenshot of VLC media player
If you have Windows 8.1 spring update, everything will work better than Windows 8.1. You can close VLC media player from desktop like other desktop application. We already wrote a article about Windows 8.1.1 and installation procedure. You can download files from megaupload.

Close metro apps from desktop: Windows 8.1.1 feature
Above image shows my desktop, you can close every application from desktop. beside this feature, Microsoft also added a minimize and close button on the top of apps. Once you click close, application will terminate, and minimize button will return you to desktop like ordinary windows software.

Microsoft promise that, update will available on April, first week.

How to Install VLC media player

1. Goto Windows store

2. Search for VLC media player

3. Install VLC media player for Windows 8.1

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