Thursday, February 27, 2014

Microsoft slash price upto 70% on Windows OS and Windows phone OS

It is a great news for all Microsoft - Windows fans. Yesterday, Microsoft has announced a great news, that they are going to slash price on Windows OS in order to make cheap but quality Windows devices. This may be to compete Linux and Android. Microsoft facing a lots of problems from Linux and Android devices.  In Germany and China, people and government  going away from Windows, it is not because of Microsofts problem. It is because of end of Windows XP life cycle and they can't install new operating systems like Windows 7 and Windows 8 on their PC. They decided to use Lubuntu on their machine. This type of revolutions happening world wide, more people want Linux machine. But in our surveys we found an interesting fact, they are coming back to Windows due to the simplicity and easiness. Linux still hard to use, without internet it become a dead baby. 70% Linux users have dual boot Windows and Linux. So we feel that, this will be a RIP for Linux on home and office segment, 15$ for Windows for next 6-11 ( support for Windows OS) will be very cheap and cheaper than Linux and Mac.

You can read full story on Techchruch website.

Microsoft slash down Windows price 

We researched  on this topic, which will cheaper Linux or Windows. In this changed situation, we can says that Windows is cheaper than Linux in the home segment. Lest check

- Average life cycle of Linux is 5 year ( Ubuntu LTS ) - Windows is 11 year ( lets think about Windows XP)
- Battery backup 1-3 hr on Ubuntu* - 4-6 hr for Windows ( New Intel processors will offer more)
- Availability of softwares is more on Windows
- Easiness , usability are more on Windows OS
- Maintenance , updates are simple in Windows
- Stability is more on Windows compare with Ubuntu ( Debian, openSUSE - i don't know)
- Games and Entertainment , more on Windows than Ubuntu ( rest of the Linux)
- Software installtion - offline mode is very difficult on Ubuntu (without software center)
- Can use same software (.exe package) on different machine, you borrow software from you friends and install it on your system. One .exe or .msi package can use on different Windows machine. You can copy game and software on pendrive and install it on your system. This process will be very difficult on Ubuntu(.deb package), tar.gz and other are possible but you need terminal commands to install it on your system ( Extract, create icons etc...need different terminal commands).

- Office, Adobe products are not available on Ubuntu and rest of Linux
- Lack of softwares, same will be in future
- Linux is developer friendly
- Most of the notebook, ultra book from System76 ( Ubuntu Laptop makers) and Dell are costlier than Windows machines..(check system76 website, Dell sputnik project laptops are costlier than Windows machine)

When we checking these facts, and more, we can say that Windows is now  cheaper than Linux..

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Abhishek said...

Does it apply to Windows 8.1 too? I'm thinking of upgrading from Windows 8 to 8.1 soon, but I want to know if there's any offer available for the same.

Mark Wright said...
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