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How to Install Ghost - the blogging platform on Windows 8 / Windows 7

Ghost is the newest addition to the CMS world. Unlike WordPress or Joomla, Ghost is based on Node.js. Node.js is the newest trend in Web applications. It a Javascript framework that will overtake PHP,JSP and ASP in next few years. Node.js is faster than almost every competitors. Javascript is a platform independent language, it works on Windows , Mac and Linux or any other operating system. Unix system have much more support for Node.js than Windows operating system, but almost all node.js features  work on Windows.  Main sponsors of Node.js and Ghost are Microsoft and Internet Explorer. So we can expect some magics in future.

In this article we show you, How to Install Ghost- the blogging platform on Windows 8, Windows 7 operating system. Same methods can be use for previous versions.

Ghost blogging platform


- Node.js (msi file )
- Ghost software
- Windows operating system

Watch our video tutorial

Step 1 :  Download  Node.js

Step 2 :  Download Ghost software ( Read Ghost instructions )

Step 3 : Install Node.js

Step 4 : Unzip Ghost file

Step 5 : Open Node command prompt ( Search for Node on Windows 8, On start menu on Windows 7)

Step 6 : Navigate to Ghost directory ( where you unzipped Ghost file)

Step 7 : Once you reach, Enter following command

                  npm install  --production 

Step 8 : When it complete , Enter following one

                  npm start

Step 9 : Enter this address on Browser address bar

            http://localhost:2368   - for blog

            http://localhost:2368/ghost - for dashboard

Step 10 : Enjoy Ghost software

Ghost - Just a blogging platform 

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