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Avast antivirus software : Best antivirus software for Windows 8 and 8.1

If you are looking for an antivirus software for Windows 8 or 8.1. This article will help you. In this article i am not writing about world's best antivirus but writing about a good and useful software for windows 8.1. Most of the antivirus software yet not have a version for Windows 8.1 , Kaspersky , one of the popular antivirus software released version 2014 a couple of months ago , but that lack support for Windows 8.1.

Avast , it is the first company bring support for Windows 8.1 , I have using this on my Windows 8.1 for last 3 month. If you want to purchase antivirus for your Windows 8.1 , i will recommend this for you. Unlike old versions ,  new  Avast improved a lot , They have  new interface for the latest version. Latest virus engine is enough to wipe out virus from your computer.

Avast also started a referral program where users can get $1000 or 3 year Internet security software. I will tell you all details at the end of this article.Now we can discuss it details in a very simple manner. First we can discuss it's interface or look. First impression is the best impression for all things , If you have a good software with worst design or bad user front , you may reject it , so companies give much important for user interface. Thanks to Avast they have a good interface, it is eye catching and simple.

Avast internet security software

Above one is the latest version , clean and neat look. I don't know what you feel but i think you too like this interface. Avast antivirus , internet security center , Avast premier , each have different design. If you have Avast free antivirus software , you have different design.

Lets come to features: Every security software are intend to make system safe. Avast free antivirus give basic protection against virus, you can scan and delete virus from machine. It lack internet security features, if you don't have internet , avast free software is enough. But if you have internet connection or other network , you need a internet security center or premier. It will make your system safe and protect from hacking. It also give safe internet banking operations, no one can hack anything. I use Internet security center , it is costly but i got it as free , If you have lots of friends , you can join Avast referral program , You will get 3 year Internet security software, just download avast free antivirus software and create a new avast account. Then goto your account , under Recommendation, you can see your links, just give to your friends and ask to download. You will get 1 year license , if 7 people download Also avat provide $1000 for 6 people in a country.

Scan : 
Avast scan window
Avast support Quick scan , Full system scan , Removable media scan , Select folder scan and Boot-time scan. Most of the software failed to scan some areas while Windows running , Boot-time scan scan your system while it booting , so it can scan all areas and can remove virus from critical parts. Boot scan take less time than full system scan , it is faster and only avast running.

Tools means extras

Tools is means to give additional protections. Some software become  vulnerable if they outdated, software updater scan and find outdated software , if you allow , it automatically update your system. Latest updates can prevent virus attacks.

If you like to do online banking or online purchase, you can use Safe zone . You can browse internet via safe zone. 100% secure and safe.

Safe zone

I think this feature will help you to do online transactions without fear.

Beside these features , they are lots of features , download free Avast antivirus software and upgrade to Internet security center.

Download Avast Antivirus software

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