Monday, November 18, 2013

Internet Explorer 11 is now available for Windows 7

This won't be a great news for you , because most of the people hate this Internet Explorer . I am not forcing you to use this browser, in my view , it is also a good browser but lack many things. But things are changed when they release Internet Explorer 10 and 11 , that means , Internet Explorer also start to adopt changes and users needs. Internet Explorer is still remains a critical tool for Web designers , because their websites will go crazy on IE , almost all designers challenge is IE.

Internet Explorer now support almost all latest technologies including HTML 5 , CSS 3 and more. I won't say it is faster than Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox but it is also.  The new web engine in IE 11 load website load faster than Google chrome and Firefox. We test it with all modern websites and works perfectly with IE 11 compare with IE 10.  One of the good news is that they also improve and made changes in Web developer tools , it is easier and up to date.

Internet Explorer 11 with Bing
Bing : Microsoft also change the way Bing works, Bing automatically load first  2-3 results in background , when users click on these links , it load quickly. It will be advantage but it may use your bandwidth and data usage. Secondly Bing also collect latest datas from Facebook and Twitter , we will get live updates. This give Bing a slight advantages over Google , but Google is the best , Bing can't beat Google in this decade.

Web developer Tools : I am web designer , so i need this Browser always , Every web designer tests their websites on IE . Google chrome and Firefox. Firefox can load website correctly even though it contains errors.Most of the websites  , looks similar on Google chrome and Firefox , these websites reproduce websites in almost same manner.But it will be very funny on Internet Explorer.

IE 11 Web developer tools
This is the feature i loved on Internet Explorer , I can now select div using mouse pointer , it is easy to test every part of my websites.

Download IE 11

Don't hesitate to use Internet Explorer , just try , you can use it as a secondary or ternary browser, Just download it , currently IE 11 is available on Windows 7 SP1 , Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Windows XP SP3 , Vista haven't support for Internet Explorer 11...

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