Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to get free genuine Windows 8.1 ( condition apply )

Do you want to get free Windows 8.1 for your PC. Most of them want , but you won't get ( some developers / students will get ) , if you are running a Non-Profit organization or public library , you will get a free, genuine Windows 8.1. This is not a joke ! Microsoft really giving free , genuine Windows 8.1 OS for non-profit / public libraries..Do you want to get one ? follow these steps..Visit technet blog and register, you can see that link on the bottom of this page.

1. Request for Microsoft Windows 8.1 

2. Register Windows webinar on November 14,

3.Tell your favorite nonprofit about Microsoft’s software donation program and encourage them to visit

This is not a joking , if you are still believe , visit microsoft technet website. Read Windows 8.1 for non-profit organizations.

Register it :

source: Microsoft,technet

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