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Best HD Desktop recorder for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Internet goes beyond our imagination, it become part of our life , it attach our life deeply. People can't image a life without Internet. It hold every part of modern life. We use internet everywhere , for education , science , medical field , even to meet our old friends ( watch latest Google ads ).

Education reached in a new stage with Internet, People can learn , teach within their home. Internet share knowledge every where without any cost, thousands of website and videos to teach everything. Lynda is one of the website for cheap education. You can learn computer languages within your budget. If you know programming or if you are interested in games, you can earn money from YouTube. Do you know How ? it is simple record your computer while you teach then upload.Thousand of people will subscribe your videos if it worth. Game players can also earn money by uploading walkthroughs. Just search Game walkthroughs or tutorials on Googlr. You can see thousand of views and comments on popular videos. I also get $100 + in every month. You can also make money, you need Computer, Internet and a good Desktop recorder. For example , Lynda teach computer languages with the help of videos.These videos are recorded from their computer. They record their desktop with audio and teach programming languages. People like these videos  if it have good quality and crystal clear sound. In order to  make these type of videos you need a good screen recorder.

There are many screen recorders available , some are free and other are paid. If you have money , i will tell you to purchase a good software , read as many reviews and buy one. I had used many free desktop recorders , they lack many features , some give uncompressed output without quality, it take 2GB or more for 10 or 15 minute. Some lack Zooming , others lack video quality. I had tried many software , among those softwares i like Camtasia and BSR recorder , but they costs more.If you want a low cost recorder with lots of features than Camtasia and BSR recorder , I prefer LiteCam HD desktop recorder. It is the only software record video in 1080P quality. That means , better than any competitors ..

liteCam HD Desktop recorder - reason to buy 

- High FPS ( Frame per second ) more FPS more smooth
-Lossless high compression - high quality but small in size
-Full HD 
-Simple interface 
-Web cam recording 


Commonly we use 25 or 30 fps , it is enough to watch video smoothly without any lag. I think you already know about how Video works. It is a motion picture. If next frame come within 1/16 second we can't differentiate two images , this is the technology behind Video / motion picture. It is due to property of our eyes. If we have 60 fps , that means video will be more smooth. liteCam helps you to record video in 60 fps.

Lossless high compression

There are lossless and lossy compression. Mp3 is one of the example of lossy compression , it reduce size but loss some quality. Size of a video become problem if we try to upload. Some video take 2GB or 3GB for 20 or 30 minute. uploading will be difficult with 2GB or 3GB. So we need to reduce it . People use MP4 , WebM , 3GP or MKV.LiteCam covert video to WMV or MP4 without compromising it's quality. So you can easily share via internet or can upload to Facebook or YouTube.


You know about Full HD or 1080P.1080P, 2K or 4K means , It have high quality , everything in a very detail manner.

User Interface 

User interface is better than Camtasia and BSR recorder. Simple and useful..

Lets see screenshots

While recording
Keyboard shortcuts
Mouse pointer settings

If you are interested , download trial version. Buy if it satisfy your needs.

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