Thursday, October 24, 2013

Krrish 3 game now available on PC

Krrish 3 , the third instalment of first Indian superhero movie series now have game version. It is the first game with stunning graphics features. We had Ra:One but that only a kid game. Game play of krrish 3 is similar to high end games like GTA vice city but not like GTA 4 or 5. We have limitations and we made it for the promotion so we can neglect small issues.  If you like Krrish 3 , take a look at this game. Game is free and only available on Windows 8 and higher. I think it won't work on Windows 7. Free game have 3 levels and they also shows that more levels will coming soon. You can take any side villain or Krrish , i prefer Krrish.

Krrish 3 PC game windows 8
Krrish 3 game for Windows 8 

Sound and Graphics of this game is better than Ra:ONE and Don 2 game. Gameshastra , they these Bollywood games . We proud of them for making such a big thing like Hollywood do.  You can download this game from Microsoft store , you need Microsoft Outlook account for sign in.
Krrish 3 PC game

Watch this game walkthrough , this is not a good game walkthrough we record to show how to install it on your computer and how to play. You can use UP/Down arrow for the action.

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Krrish windows 8 game

Watch Krrish 3 trailer 

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Ahsan said...

By reading the game review, it reminds me Spider Man game. I played it lot. Love to play Krrish 3 too. Thanks for share

feroz khan said...

O man where is the link to Download it for PC?


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