Monday, October 28, 2013

[Free Download] Play DHOOM 3 game on your Windows Phone

This is a hot news for all Dhoom film lovers. Dhoom 3 have Game. Yes this is true , 99Games released Dhoom 3 game on Windows phone OS , and it is free to download. A few days ago , we had wrote a post about Krrish 3 game. I think some of you already played that game. If you want racing game , you must look this. This is the first game trailer. Unfortunately  I haven't any smart phone , so i am waiting for Windows 8 release. Krrish 3 has Windows 8 game , so I hope that there will be Windows 8 version.

Dhoom 3 game have 3 major players , Amir Khan ( Anti -hero ) , ACP Jai  ( Abhishek Bachchan ) and Ali (Uday Chopra) . Your mission to escape from these police men including Jai and Ali. Both Jai and Ali will follow you all time. You need to ride your bike through Chicago streets with heavy traffic. Police car and Helicopter will always trouble you. If you see road blocks , you can use weapons. You can buy new Bike , Suits and nitro using gold coins. Collect all gold coins from road. Don't think this game as a simple and funny. You need to use Nitro frequently to escape from these police force.

Free Dhoom 3 game
Dhoom 3 game 
Free Dhoom game
Dhoom 3 action - race game

There will be many levels , but i think free version will have only a few levels. Size of free version is around 26 MB , So we can't  say it is a full version.

Download Dhoom  3 game from Windows phone store 

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