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How to Install Kingsoft's Office suit on Ubuntu 13.04 and Ubuntu 13.10

Kingsoft's Office suite is a good alternative to Microsoft's Office suite. Unlike other office suites like LibreOffice and Open Office org , Kingsoft WPS look like Microsoft Office 2007. We already used it on Windows Operating System a couple of years ago. Kingsoft works on most of the platforms including Windows , Mac , Linux , Android and iOS. Eventhogh we have thousand of office suits, no one has  features like Microsoft office . Anyway if you want a free Office suite , you can try this also. This will  best for Microsoft's office users. We will tell you How to Install it on Linux. If you have Windows and Mac operating System , Please download Microsoft office suit form torrent sites or buy from Microsoft.  On Linux we have only few suites , Libre Office , Open Office org , Abiword and a couple of other simple softwares.

Kingsoft provides WPS's .deb version , it can installed like .exe files on Windows Operating System. Download .deb file and double click on it.

                                            Download Kingsoft's Office Suits 

rpm and versions also available. RPM versions can install on Fedora and OpenOffice and its variants .

Kingsoft WPS - Office suite

- Open .deb file - double click on it

You can also use terminal to install office suite . Navigate it to downloaded folder

ex : cd Downloads

sudo dpkg -i  kingsoft-office_9.1.0.4096~a11p1_i386.deb 

colored text denot name of the file , it may change if you have latest or final version of kingsoft office suite

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