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List of Free Antivirus Software for Windows Operating System

An Antivirus software is essential for a Windows user.  Currently , we have thousands of malware and viruses against the Windows Operating System. Newer Operating Systems like Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8 are more secure than older versions. But upgrading from older versions are costly.   Installing Antivirus or Internet Security software also costly. Here we list some free Antivirus software for Windows users. These software are powerful like any other paid versions but it lacks some features. For example , some free Antivirus lack Firewall and some Internet security features. Free Antivirus mainly for those people who rarely use internet connection. On those computers virus attacks mainly from external storage devices like CD/DVD or USB pen drive. Free antivirus software is enough for these people. It has almost all features to protect your computer. Let's find Free Antivirus softwares !!!

1. Bit Defender Free Antivirus Software 

Bit Defender selected as the best Antivirus for many years. Last year , 2012 , they won this again. In many rating , they reached at the top. Now they are the best Antivirus software ( Placed at first ) followed by Kaspersky. In my view , if you are looking at for a free Antivirus , this will be best. If you use Internet , download torrent files , you need Internet Security software.

BitDefender Free Antivirus Software
Download Free BitDefender Antivirus Software 

2. Avast Free Antivirus software 

If you hear me , i will prefer this for you. It is free , if you download it , you will get a chance win up to 3 year license of the Avast Internet Security Software. One week ago I downloaded Avast Free Antivirus software.
After that I had registered it. Then I got a referral link. I had given to my friends and also posted on Facebook page. 28 people downloaded and i got 3 year License of Avast Internet Security 2013. If 7 of your friends download , you will get 1 year license and 2 years for 14 downloads. They must install it on their computer to get free License.

Why are you wasting your time ? Download Avast free antivirus from this link and get upto 3 year License.

Download Avast Free Antivirus Software

Avast user account

3. Avira Free Antivirus Software 

Avira is another best antivirus software. I used it for a  month. Same like all other software. Each month i have been downloading different antivirus software for my computer. Most of the softwares have 30 day trial  versions , some have 60 day  trail. So I save my money by downloading latest software from different vendors. After 30 days , i had installed new one and replace old one. You can follow this method , so you will protected by different antivirus software for a year. After one year , you can repeat it again.  In this way i have used more than 20 antivirus software within 3 year. In this experaince i can select some best software.

Avira free also best , I have not used Avira Free Antivirus software yet , I had Avira Internet Security software a few months ago. It has nice Interface  and easy to use. It works well on my PC. In my old posts i wrote about Avira as the lightest Antivirus software. Avira is faster than Kaspersky and F-secure Antivirus software. Detection rate also high , it complete scanning my 750 GB HDD ( 60% and more free space ) within 1 hour , that is faster .
Avira Free Antivirus software

Download Avast Free Antivirus software 

4. AVG Free Antivirus Software

4 years ago , I hadn't the money to buy anything. I had used my 7 year old laptop with a Celeron processor. In those times I used AVG Antivirus software on my PC. Now , everything changed , AVG adopt new , beautiful interface with a lot of new changes in its antivirus engine.

AVG Free Antivirus software
The interface is almost similar to Norton Antivirus software. Optimized for Windows 8 Operating System. Scanning rate is nearly high . If you are busy user , you need a high scanning rate. Almost all software slows down computer while scanning. AVG is not an exception but comparatively lighter software. AVG needs less resources than other competitors.

Light weight Antivirus software !!

Download Free Avast Antivirus software 

5. Comodo Free Antivirus Software 

Another free Antivirus software for Windows users . Comodo also has two web browsers based on Google chrome and Mozilla. Dragon browser is based on Google chromium and IceDragon is based on Mozilla Firefox , both are for secure Internet browsing including online shopping.

 There are numerous free softwares available to protect your computer. Comodo PC Security 2013 is one of them. It is totally free to clean your system from malware. Comodo Free Antivirus has a powerful detection rate than others. They also use cloud technology to protect your computer. The main feature of this software is auto sandbox , I think you already heard about Sand Box technology. It's already available in Google chrome. Each tab ( website ) runs on a closed container called sand box. There is no connection between each other. On Windows , each program will run in a secure container . Other programs can't  can't enter into other programs. So your computer will more secure , programs can't change your Windows files.

Download Comodo Free Antivirus software 

6. Panda Cloud Cleaner

I think this sofware require Internet connection to scan your PC. They says that , it is a cloud cleaner. Panda is the first company that used cloud feature on Antivirus software. After that many companies follow this idea. I had Panda Internet security software , 1  30 day trial version . It also a good software . If you see many antivirus software , it become difficult to choose one. In my opinion , first 3-4 sofwares can be satisfy your need.

Download Panda Cloud Cleaner 

7. ClamWin 

ClamWin software have one advatages over other software. ClamWin is free and Open source. It is the first open source antivirus software for Windows Operating System. Like most of the other Open source software , it also free to use. If you have interest in open source projects , you can download it.

Download ClamWin 

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