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[How to] Get Free Avast Internet Security 2013 for 1 Year / 2 Year / 3 Year

Do you think I am joking ? If you think so , I want to tell you that it is 100% Genuine. I will tell you How to get this. Before that, I want to tell something about Avast Antivirus software. Avast started its working in 1988. It is  one of the oldest Antivirus software company in the world. I think , it may be the first company that gave free Antivirus software for all Computer users. Now Avast has Antivirus software for almost all platforms like Windows , Linux , Mac and Android. Avast standard Antivirus is free for all platforms. But Premium and Internet Security software are not free. In many cases Avast is better than other competitors. 150 million people used this software on world.

Avast Free Antivirus software 

Avast Free Antivirus software

Avast Free Antivirus Software is totally free and easy to use. It's Interface is much simpler and easy to use. Free version provides  protection against Malware and Virus . It also have links checker , which checks your websites and  notify whether it's good or not. Safe websites indicated as green and dangerous web sites as red. Free version lacks many features like Secure payment , Protection against hackers and phishing , Free Expert help etc.. But for an ordinary user who rarely use  the Internet , I will prefer this software. On those computers virus attacks are mainly through Removable storage disks. This software is enough to destroy those problems. If you are a frequent Internet user , who download files from torrent , I will suggest Internet Security software over Anti virus software. There are lots of chances for hacking and phishing. While downloading files from torrent there is a chance to connect with Unsecure network. The internet Security software have inbuilt , Two level Firewall , this will protect computer from unsecure networks.

Features of Free Antivirus software 

Block Malware and Virus
Link checker
Simple design
Free subscription etc...

Download Avast Free Antivirus software

How to get a Free License of Avast Internet Security 2013 

First you need to download Free Avast Anti virus software. Then install it on your computer. At the end of installation , they will ask you to create Avast account. Create an account using your Email account. Then goto your account on the Avast web page.

Get free Avast Internet Security Software
Under Recommendations you can see Facebook, Twitter etc.. Share the link or share it on Facebook, Google + or Twitter . If anyone download and use Avast using your Link , you will get one credit.

If 7 friends download and use , you will get a 1 year subscription of Avast Internet Security software 2013  which cost around Rs 1300 . If you add 14 friends , you will get 2 years , 21 friends will give you 3 years Subscription which nearly cost Rs 5000.

So you will get  genuine Avast software from Avast without any cost. You can do it easily if you have many friends.I will pray for you to get free Internet Security software .Anyway  if you like this trick , please goto our Facebook page and like it. If you have any question related to this post feel free to ask. You can ask Questions below on comments or directly ask via Facebook.

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