Saturday, June 1, 2013

[Download] Opera released latest Opera Next with Webkit technology

Opera is not popular among computer users but it's very popular in Mobile segment. In our earlier days , before Android ,Opera mini  was our favorite , it had many features that not available on the default mobile browser. Things are changed  after the release of Android and iOS , Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox came. In  PC segment, chrome stole share from all other Web browsers like Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Now , Chrome is more popular than any other. Anyway Opera is  in the transition phase , they moved from Presto (Opera's web engine ), Webkit to  Blink web engine . Blink is a web engine forked from  web kit technology. Opera 15 and Google chrome 28 will be the first two browsers have  Blink. Beside these changes Opera revamped it's Interface with new one. Now it is more beautiful and simple.

Changes on Opera 15 Next 

Opera 15 will use Blink

The turbo boost feature is replaced with Off road. Off road is similar to Google's SPDY which is used to reduce loading time.

Opera added 2 new feature on it's Speed Dial / New Tab page , Stash and Discover . Discover is a location based news feed. It will show latest news from your locality.

1. Discover 

If you want to know latest Local and International news , this feature will really help. Discover immediately brings the latest news from your locality.

Opera next - Discover
You can see the Discover button when you open new Tab.

2. Stash 

Stash is similar to bookmark feature on other browsers. But opera makes it more attractive. You can see love symbol on the right side of the address bar. It also contain 'add to speed dial' button.

Stash and Speed Dial button on the address bar
Once you add your favorite websites to Stash , you can browse that site at any time , you can see  web pages on the stash. Open new Tab , you can see 3 buttons , stats , discover and speed dial. Click on Stash button and see all pages you stashed.

Stash Home
You can change the appearance and width by moving the button up and down.

3 . Off Road 

Turbo boost renamed as Off Road. Off Road  uses to load web pages faster in slower networks.Opera Off Road can enable from opera menu.  Activating Off-Road Mode from the Opera Menu sends pages through Opera's compression servers, reducing the page size significantly by using a smart mix of image compression, SPDY and more. Note that rendering happens on the client side, so JavaScript will work without a problem. Secure (https) pages don't get sent through our proxy.

4 Interface

Opera changes it's Interface too. Now it is neat and clean. Tab and speed dial are now more clear and neat. Opera is almost similar to google chrome in many fields .

Download Opera next 

Opera next 15 is not available as stable. Now it available as beta version. You can download it from the Opera website.

Download Opera Next 15 

Both Windows and Mac versions available. Linux version will available soon.

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Ahsan said...

Opera is still popular in mobile as Opera Mini. They need to think how to make popular Opera for Desktop browser


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