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Windows 8 Tablets - Enterprise devices to work and play

According to a study by Forrester Research, there will be more than 760 million tablets in use throughout the world by 2016. They estimate that by 2016, nearly one-third of all tablets sold will be for business use. Another study, this one by Computer Industry Almanac, estimates that nearly one-third of all PC sales will be in the form of tablets by 2016. Clearly, tablet use is a growing trend.

About Enterprise Windows 8 tablets

It's not difficult to understand the popularity of tablet computers. In addition to being lightweight and easy to handle, such devices are very versatile. They connect to the Internet wherever there is a wireless signal and can convert from a keyboard and screen to a tablet touchscreen in just a few seconds. They also have a myriad of applications for business and leisure.

Enterprise tablet devices for work

Tablets have revolutionized the ways in which businesses can interact with their clients and customers. No longer are contractors, customer service reps or sales people tethered to an Ethernet cord. Tablet technology allows full access to Internet functions, records and presentation materials in a lightweight, easy-to-carry package. Below are just a few ways that tablets make doing business easier:
With a tablet, you can store pictures and other proposal information, making it easy to share with clients without having to set up a screen or a projector.
You can take a tablet computer in the field, to job sites and remote areas. As long as there is a wireless signal, you can use your tablet.
With tablet technology, you don't have to wait to return to the office to respond to leads and enquiries for quotes or information. You can respond from the field.
Tablets also can replace the dated pitch-book or memorized sales pitch with videos, color images and graphs that are more appealing to prospective customers. Tablets are such flexible proposal tools that they can be set up with visuals to respond to each potential objection.
Tablets allow business men and women to stay current about new developments in their field by giving them a way to access information on the Internet during their downtimes in the field or while traveling.

Enterprise tablets devices for play

Of course, tablets aren't just a business tool. Such devices can be used to read newspapers from around the world when you're stuck at an airport, to play games, to connect with friends and to surf the weird and wonderful collection of information on the Internet.

The bottom line

Tablet computers are a growing trend that shows no sign of abating anytime soon. These easy-to-handle devices make connecting with clients in the field much easier, help with presentation and proposal materials and even generate new leads. If your company hasn't embraced the tablet revolution, perhaps it's time to consider making the move.

Author Bio:         Alan McMahon works for Dell and is involved in marketing consumer and enterprise solutions, across a range for products from tablet pc’s, servers, and storage to virtualization. Alan McMahon is based in Ireland and enjoys sailing as a past time.

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