Saturday, May 4, 2013

Plus Tweaks Google Needs To Take Care Of

Google Plus is the existing newest common media has been on a rampage.   Even though this is a fact that it is growing in a wide manner, it is necessary to work on few plus tweaks on Google. Before few months from present Google plus might eliminate every another networking site apart from Facebook. It means that number of followers on Google plus has been grown infinitely from few months back.

Now a day Google plus has a competitor in Market such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. But still most of the follower are using Google plus for their requirement.

Still on the other side to this Google needed some tweaks on which they should concentrate. As technology & competition is increasing fast, it is necessity of time that Google required to use some tweaks which are useful for them to face the competition. Here in this article we discuss some tweaks on which Google need to take care of for their development.

Improvement in the Design
Designing plays important role in internet world. Designing can be updated by any time, to make your website more attractive. So Here Google needs to work on a tweak of updating of outdated designing.
As compare to Facebook, now days Google plus has very outdated Design & it is also not exciting. Sincerely speaking, Facebook getting more popular than that of Google plus. So it needed to generate brand new look with improvement in the designing.

Update feature of Add to Circles 
Add to Circles features are quite confusing in Google plus. If you use Add to Circles Feature it will adds you to his/her circle where you will not be able to observe them instantly. Why this problem is arising?  So Google Plus should update this feature. Followers of Google plus will welcome this updating.
While in the Facebook, if somebody accepts your friend request, then you will be able to see them immediately. This is not an immediate process in the Google Plus. So according to me, it is an immediate tweak to improve add to circle feature in Google plus.

Confidential settings of Community
In Google Plus privacy settings of the Community is the best feature. But in this once you open a public community; you can do it private anytime. And initially if you have created private community, you are not able to make it as a public community. While in Facebook groups anytime you can make it public or private. So Google Plus needs to take care of this tweak.

Increase speed of Google Plus

Facebook works faster than Google Plus. So it gets time consuming once you entered in the Google Plus account. So if you have less time then you will automatically log on to Facebook instead of Google Plus. So loading time with Google Plus should get reduced.

So as we are discussing about Google Plus it is required to work on above tweaks so that Google Plus to overcome Facebook.

If you know any other tweaks so as to Google require addressing, then you are welcome to contribute your ideas with us in the remark segment.

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Ahsan said...

I have already Google plus account. But still it is not comfortable to me. I just use to share my article nothing else.

Lets see if Google plus authority make it more comfortable for users


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