Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Install HTML 5 media extention for Firefox on Ubuntu

HTML 5 is a new technology that makes the Web more interactive. HTML 5 allow to play videos without an Adobe Flash plugin or Silver light. Most of the latest Web browsers like Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox , Google chrome , Opera and Safari support HTML 5 but there are some limitations . Internet Explorer supports mp4 but no support for WebM and Ogg . Google chrome is the only browser to support all formats. In this tutorial we explains How to enable your Mozilla Firefox to play all HTML 5 videos. We installed a plugin called "HTML5 Media player extension " , which help to play HTML5 videos in a  stylish player , it supports all formats even though Mozilla hasn't.

Lets Install it with Mozilla Firefox

1 . Make sure that you have the latest version of Mozilla Firefox having HTML5 support.

2 . Install this extension.

3 . Restart your Web browser .

4 . Open HTML5 video sites.

Experience the result..

HTML5 videos

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