Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to record Web Cam Using VLC media player

VLC Media player ! No doubt , You may have it... I used it for a long time since I hate Windows Media player. Windows media player is a good software , have good interface  but i  like VLC media player. I use VLC media player to stream YouTube and also use to watch unfinished torrent videos before it finishes 100%  download. Most of the available Media players need Video codecs but VLC media player already have almost all available codecs. Anyway here we are going to show How to record Video using a web cam with the help VLC media player.  If you don't have VLC media player , you can download it from here ... Download VLC media player .

1 . Connect your your Web Cam ( If your Laptop , it have inbuilt web cam , you can disable it using device management )

2. Install required Web cam drivers

3. Open VLC media player

VLC media player
VLC media player - Record your Web Cam

Click on Open Capture Device.. 

Capture Device settings
Choose your Web cam from the list. If you don't disable inbuilt Web Camera , it also lists in this list. You can configure your Web cam's brightness , contrast , saturations and other features by clicking Configure button.

Web Cam recording on VLC media player

Follow the instructions , if you know codecs settings , resolution and other details related to videos , you can set or change it . Otherwise just click on " Convert/Save" . Please give destination and file name with the format. For example , you must provide  "name of your video.( format of video , mp4,mpg etc...) ".

Example : Record.mp4  , where Record is name of video and .mp4 is the format.

Watch above video if you have any doubt..

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Ahsan said...

wow.. its a nice tips to record web cam by VLC media. I use this software but never know such tips. Thanks for share

Vishal said...

nice post and great things...the VLC has one more feature and now we know it.. and used it and thanks for sharing this tutorial with images and videos it clears the all doubts..thanks again...!!!


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