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How to buy a good Gaming Laptop - Expert advice

If you want to have the perfect Gaming PC, you have two options to choose from – a desktop computer or a laptop. If you have sufficient space, a high-performance desktop computer could be the best option. However, if you are restricted on space or want to play games on the go or from anywhere, the best option is to choose a powerful gaming laptop.

When it comes to desktop computers, they can be easily upgraded because their parts can be easily upgraded and switched. On the other hand, laptops have their unique set of advantages, more in terms of convenience and mobility. A large number of gamers prefer the portability of laptops, whether they have to move from one room to another or between different cities.

Gaming Netbooks
Dell Alienware™ M17x
If you are a hardcore gamer looking for the most powerful and feature-loaded PC, there are specialized gaming laptops that can meet all your needs. Such laptops have larger displays, with 18 inches being the standard, and they are heavier and thicker because of more powerful hardware components. You can find most of these laptops running on more than one GPUs and with capability to support several hard drives.

Such hardcore gaming laptops are going to cost you a significant amount of money. Because of the more powerful and heavier components, they have a typical battery life of around 2 hours. Therefore, if you are enjoying an intense video game, make sure that the laptop is plugged in.

If you are a casual gamer, who likes to play games from time to time, there are relatively smaller and lighter laptops for you. Casual gamers are not as conscious about powerful gaming platforms as the hardcore gamers are. In such a case, your perfect gaming laptop must have a display size between 15 and 17 inches. You can choose between laptops with mid-range or high-end hardware.

The main advantage of such a system is that it is more portable and costs lesser than a hardcore gaming machine. Even though these casual gaming machines are heavy, but they are handy as well. You can expect them to have a battery life of around 3 hours.

Then, there is the category of ultra-portable gaming laptops. They are much smaller than the hardcore and casual gaming laptops and have smaller displays. Because they are lightweight, you can take them around anywhere with more ease. Their battery life can range between 3 to 7 hours and they normally have mid-range hardware. They will cost you lesser than a typical casual gaming laptop, but still more than a regular non-gaming laptop.
Thoshiba Qosmio® X870

When choosing an ultra-portable gaming laptop, make sure that it has an optical drive. Usually, the manufacturers drop these drives in most of their devices to compensate for some other hardware. Even with these gaming laptops and more powerful desktop gaming computers available on the market, a hardcore gamer can get a lot from a custom built PC. You can get such a PC designed specifically to your requirements without the need to be limited by the restrictions of a manufacturer’s laptop or desktop computer – so this is why many people are answering the question on how to build your own PC.

Basic Hardware configuration for a Gaming Laptop 

Processor : i5 / i7
RAM : 4GB/8GB/16GB
Hard Disk : HDD with 7200 rpm / SSD
Graphic Processor : Dedicated Graphic processor with 1 GB or Higher capacity ( Entry / Medium )
Display : 15.6" / 18"
Sound : Surround Sound System
Gaming Accessories

These are basic configuration for a Gaming Laptop . You can also use i3 processor , which is also good for basic gaming Laptop. We advice you to buy an Intel i5/i7 or equivalent AMD processor. AMD processors are good for Gaming and Graphics but you may face Heat and other type of inconvenience .

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