Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Download latest security updates for Internet Explorer

Microsoft previously warned users to use a secure Web browser for Internet . A day before , Microsoft reported that a Facebook malware ( Trojan ) attacked many Facebook users , it is still attacking many . These malwares are attacking through Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions. These malwares can post contents on others wallpost , it can also send requests to other people . After this incident Microsoft released an update for Internet Explorer , this security update is mainly to secure Internet Explorer from latest attack. Mainly above virus is from Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox , Internet Explorer is 100% secure against this malware. This browser extension can be removed manually , but we recommend to install a good Internet Security / Total security on your Computer. Simple Anti Virus can't protect you from virus and malware . If you are a regular Internet user , you should install a good Internet Security software on your system.

Use Internet Explorer 10 with latest updates 

New Malware attack

Microsoft said that Internet Explorer and Safari are free from this malware , Windows users can use Internet Explorer to prevent this. If you want to continue Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox , perform a complete uninstallation. Download latest version of Mozilla and Chrome. Never install any extensions from other websites. Install only from the Mozilla website and Chrome web store. Good security software is good to scan  all applications.

Install latest security updates for Internet Explorer 10

Updating Windows OS is a good solution to fix security holes . Install update or enable automatic update on your System. You can buy security software from various stores like Flipkart , Infibeam and Snapdeals. If you don't have money , install 30 day trial version of any Security software. This will help to all threats from your computer.

Install latest Internet Explorer 10 

Download 30 day trial version of Kaspersky Pure 3

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