Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Download and Install Skype 4.2 on Kubuntu 13.04

Kubuntu is one the widely used version of Ubuntu Operating System. It has almost all packages of the Ubuntu Operating System , but Kubuntu uses KDE instead of Unity interface. Some software is missing Kubuntu  , beside this there are some other software available. KDE Plasma is the default Desktop Interface. In some aspect , Kubuntu is more beautiful than Ubuntu . It also uses some more System resource than Ubuntu. In this post , we explains How to Install and Use Skype on Kubuntu.

1 , You can either Download or Use Software center .

2 , You can download .deb file for Ubuntu/ Kubuntu / Linux Mint from Skype Website .

3 , Wait until it finishes downloading.

4. Open  deb file and install on your system.

5. Start application from the start menu .

If you are a Ubuntu user , You can Install Skype via Software center.

Skype on Kubuntu
Skype calls on Kubuntu
You can use same method to install Skype on Redhat , Fedora  , OpenSUSE etc...

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