Friday, May 3, 2013

Are you bored with Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook ? Try Inky - first cloud base Email Client

Inky is a  free software for managing  Email accounts. We can add  many  accounts , whether it is Gmail , Yahoo or Microsoft's new I am very interested in Inky because of its simple interface. Unlike other softwares like Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook , it has some modern looks and features. It is the first client with cloud support. I don't know how cloud feature work but sound is interesting.

Current , Inky supports Windows and Mac , They also announced a Linux version which will release soon , maybe in the next month.

Here are some screenshots of Inky 

Inbox in Inky
Inky Email client
Add new account
Add new Email account to Inky

These are some screenshots

Why Inky ?

Inky is not like other Email clients. It is very difficult to setup accounts in other clients like Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft outlook. We need some technical knowledge for that. But In The Inky everything is clear and easy. We don't need any technical knowledge.  Click on "+" button and enter email address and password. Inky automatically checks its provider and finish works. You can start using Inky with new accounts.

Inky advantages ?

Inky have lots of useful features. We have a Priority Inbox  in Gmail , which separate important mails from ordinary. Same way , Inky has such feature. Important mails labeled as  blue icon , unimportant as light blue.

Inky Features
Important mails labeled as blue

Sort your Emails 

Inky provides different ways to sort mails. Inky mainly sort mails based on size , date , time and author. Sort by Authors is very useful for Business persons.

Sort option on Inky
Simple and Cleaner look 

Inky's interface is very clean and simple. There is nothing to distract from reading mails. Additional to this , Inky has three different layouts. You can change it accordingly.

Create new Mail 

You don't need an Internet connection to create a new mail . You can do it in offline. Once complete connect to the internet and send. Mail editor is similar to Gmail , same functions. Below we add a screenshot of  Inky.

How to create new mail using Inky
Create a new mail with Inky


When you connect to your account with Inky , it automatically syncs your contacts and save in a secure folder. Beside this you can add new contacts in Inky.

Bottom : Inky is a free mail client for both Window and Mac operating system. It is very simpler and cleaner than other clients like Microsoft outlook. It supports almost all providers like Gmail , Yahoo , Microsoft and Mozilla. It also supports the Apple cloud Email service. The most interesting thing is , adding new account is very simple in the Inky, we don't need any server and POP/IMAP address.

Download Inky :

Inky is free , download and install it on your Operating system.

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