Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to view Microsoft office files like Word , Powerpoint and Excel using Google chrome Web browser

Google chrome is not just a Web browser , it is more than a web browser . Everyday Google shows that , Google chrome is something bigger than any other applications . Yesterday Google added a new extension  to view Microsoft office files like Word , Excel and PowerPoint in Google chrome web browser. I think  it is very useful for us because we don't need Microsoft office to view these files when someone sent it via Email or Cloud. This extension can be use to view files but editing is not possible.

Now I can open Microsoft PowerPoint files on my Chrome , It also supports full screen slide show , Zoom in/out . Print and Save button also available. You can view files like Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint file on Google chrome 27

Microsoft Excel files on Google chrome

Microsoft Word files on Google chrome

We open all the latest formats of Microsoft word , PowerPoint and Excel on Google chrome. It works well.

Do you want to install it on Google chrome ?

1. If you want this you require Google chrome beta or Google chrome canary version.

2. Install Chrome Office viewer

3. Install it

4. After the installation , restart your Web browser and System.

5. Open Office files on your Web browser.

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Ahsan said...

Certainly Chrome is the best browser. This is a good Chrome extension to view Microsoft office files.

eldho james said...

nice one :)


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