Friday, April 5, 2013

How to Install Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on a Windows 8/7 PC

One week ago, Apple announced new updates for their award winning operating system Mountain Lion.Mac OS are the most secured and powerful OS in the world.They have good developers to maintain everything for their OS. It is the most advanced and powerful OS. In India , it is costly to buy an Apple Computer. It cost more than 64K for basic version , we can buy two powerful machines in this price range. But still everyone like to use Mac OS. If you want to use the latest Apple Operating System on your PC , this post will help you. Here i use VWware player and Mountain Lion VWware files to run Mac on a Windows powered PC. You can also install Mountain Lion OS like Windows or Linux. Lot of Hackintosh iso files available on Torrent site. But we advise you to not use it with your primary hard disc , it may delete all your files . So buy external hard disk or separate internal Hard disk. Here we use VMware player , VMware player is use to install other Operating Systems like Linux or older Windows versions on your Windows PC, VMware player is also available on Linux , it helps you to install Windows on Linux.


1. 15GB HDD
2. Intel Dual core processor or Higher
3. Minimum 2GB RAM , More is better
4. VMware player
5. Mountain Lion files

Before you use Mountain Lion , you must enable Intel Virtual Techonolgy ( Intel VT ) on your BIOS.

Enable Intel VT
1. Download Mountain Lion VMware files.( We can't directly add Torrent links on this site.So search this keyword.

"OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Retail VMware Image" size of the file 4.3 GB

Search result 

2. Download VMware player or VMware Workstation . VMware player is free but the VMware workstation is not free, but you can download the 30 day trial version.

3. Extract Downloaded Mountain Lion files.

Watch this video carefully

If you have any Questions feel free to ask ....

Note: Please scan all files for Virus. We can't  trust torrent files.

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sibin xavier said...


Jemma Taylor said...

I got confused for installing mac on my lappy but not i am unable to see my DOS setting on my lappy. It is just showing booting devices but all other tabs are invisible here.... can any one tell me why it has happened !

noah magee said...

um.. i need a apple mac download link to do it please

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Is there any reason for the resolution of the screen always stay at 1024x768? I can not change. Even in full screen Mac OS think the maximum resolution of the screen is 1024x768.
Any ideas?

Ganesh Prasad said...

You need to configure VMWPlayer and fix the resolution problem

Md. Faizy said...

PLZ Help:
vm ware Giving this,what can i do :(
The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. Power off or reset the virtual machine.

Md. Faizy said...

PLZ Help:
Vm ware giving this what cani do
The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. Power off or reset the virtual machine.


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