Thursday, April 25, 2013

Download Latest Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu is known as the  best Linux Operating System among thousand of Linux distributions. What makes Ubuntu so popular ?  There are many reasons , one reason is  , At the beginning Ubuntu shipped free Disc to     everyone without any cost , so many of them start using Ubuntu along with Windows OS ( Best and Most popular OS in the world ) . This shipping made Ubuntu more popular among other Linux OS like Fedora , OpenSUSE etc...  There are other reasons , they had a good release cycle ,  good support , software center , Unity Interface and a good forum . They partnered with many hardware manufactures to bring Ubuntu pre installed device , sputnik is one of the examples.

Ubuntu 13.04 

But still Ubuntu have  a lot of problems . Its stability still make sounds . There are thousand of good softwares available on Windows but Linux lacks these softwares. Adobe Photoshop , Dreawaver are some example. I had used Ubuntu for a long time before I  installed Windows 8 on my PC . After that I faced       " Secure Boot " problem and stopped Ubuntu. But I like it Interface and software center. If you are a basic Computer user , Ubuntu is much simpler and  easier than Windows OS. You don't need to go any website to install your favorite softwares. Everything available in Software center. Just a few clicks and Internet connection requires.
Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop

Ubuntu advantages 

- Free and Open source : You don't need any license to install it on your Hardware.
- Frequent updates
- Free from Virus
- 5 GB Ubuntu cloud storage
- Ubuntu music store
- New Unity interface
- Lots of free pre installed software - Like Firefox , Libre Office


- Low support time , Ubuntu 12.04 has 5 year support . Ubuntu 13.04 is not a LTS version ( Long Term Support ) so you won't get support for a long time
- Lack of good software
- Stability issues
- Low battery backup ( You need to install some softwares to get more time )

Download Ubuntu 13.04 

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Ahsan said...

Ubuntu is a great free operating system. I am fan of Linux operating system.

anish said...

I'm using ubuntu,its great


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