Saturday, April 6, 2013

Download Google chrome 28 Canary version with new Web Engine Blink

Google has released two major updates for Google chrome , Google chrome beta 27.xx which provide 5% more speed than the predecessor . Beside this Google also release Google chrome 28 canary version , which is the first Chrome version having Blink engine. You need to wait 10 weeks to get a final release of Blink powered Chrome.

What is Blink?

For a long time Google is working with Blink , Blink is nothing but a Web engine , fork of current web engine Web Kit. Webkit is a free and open source web engine. It is already used in Safari and Google chrome. Opera also announced that they are also moving to WebkitAccording to Google, Blink is simple and fast web engine. Which will load websites much faster than old versions. 
Google chrome canary version
Google chrome 28

Google chrome with Blink will take at least 10 weeks to get a release. But it already available on Google chrome canary version. Canary may stand for alpha version like Mozilla nightly.

After installation you can see two Google chrome icons, one with default and another with yellow color. Canary version never interrupts your default chrome. It works separately.

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Ahsan said...

I think Google Chrome automatically updates to new version when we launch Browser. But this new Canary version looks awesome

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