Friday, March 15, 2013

Install Official Twitter apps on Windows 8

It is a hot news for all Twitter fans,  Twitter officially released a Windows 8 metro application for Twitter. Personally I liked it's Interface , much simpler and useful. Snap view helps us to do other jobs while checking latest tweets. Like all other Windows 8 applications , it also supports live tiles , so you will get all latest notifications and tweets. The home screen has 1) Home , 2) Connect , 3) Discover and 4) Me ..

At Home , you can see all latest tweets and updates ... Discover uses the "#" feature. You will get all related tweets and news. Pictures are shown in bigger size , you can watch it in full screen modes. Windows 8 search option is used to find news and peoples. 

Let's check some screen shots 

Twitter official  windows 8 application
On the top right you can see two buttons , first one uses to create new tweets , second is used to search news and people. Beside this you can also use Windows 8 search.

Do your works ?

Do your works without disturbance 
You can open any other window or application without closing Twitter. Windows 8 's snap view will help you to open multiple Applications. So you can check twitter while working .

Bigger Images 

Bigger images
New application support full screen view of images and videos.

How to Install it ?

You can download it from Microsoft Windows store.Just search Twitter application on Windows store. Size of file is 2.56MB..

Bottom : If you are a huge Twitter user , it will be a bless for you..

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Jemma Taylor said...

I have tried most, if not all, of the various Twitter apps on Windows 8 and have found them all lacking. Each had glimmers of promise but had some feature that was sub-par that left the web a preferable experience!!

Bank PO Coaching said...

Oh that's really so easy..Recently I bought new Laptop for my Bro but I am not able to install this application but your tutorial makes me successful in installing this app...Thanks once again..


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