Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Install Firefox OS on Windows 8 and Windows 7

Firefox OS is an upcoming operating system developed by Mozilla Corporation for Tablet and Smartphones. It already gain a lot of positive feedbacks from Tech people.It have lot of new features compare to currrent Opertaing systems. Most of the applications are coded in HTML 5 language , which is already implemented in most of Windows 8 metro applications. According to Mozilla , Firefoc OS may be the first OS that uses full power of HTML 5 language.

We already have many Operating systems for Smartphones and Tablets , IOS and Android OS handle most of the shares. Other OS like Windows phone 8 and Blackberry 10 are also getting lots of good feedback from users.  With the arrival of three new OS the competition in this field will become intense. Users will get plenty of models to choose from and they will get competitive prices.

Anyway that is not our business , We are talking about the new Firefox OS , Mozilla also release a Stimulator for Windows Operating system. If you want to test new OS you can use this stimulator to know basis about Firefox OS.

This stimulator work with Firefox Web browser , it available as an addon of Mozilla Firefox. So first download and Install Firefox Web browser if you are a Chrome user.

Download Firefox OS addon .Size of addon is about 64Mb+. Wait until it complete installation.

Install Addon - Firefox OS Stimulator 

Firefox OS Stimulator
Firefox OS on Windows 8
Click on Add to Firefox 

Wait to finish 

Install it ( If the system goes Not Responding state , please wait )

After installation , Firefox Web browser opens a new Tab. Click on "Stopped" and Make it Run state.

Then it opens a new Window and start stimulator . Unlock and use new Firefox OS .

You can download games and watch videos and listen musics. It also has a good browser, so you can browse internet also.
Watch this video 

How to operate this Os after closing window

Mozilla Firefox OS 
Click on Mozilla Menu --> Web Developer -> Firefox OS stimulator 

Run it again - Mozilla Firefox OS
Click on "Stopped" and make it "Running". It will open a new OS window. Remove Lock and use it 

How to play Audio and Video from your Computer 

Default directory location is your user folder. Before you use this stimulator , copy audio files to your My Music folder and video files to your My Videos folder. Then run the stimulator.You can see copied files on your Firefox OS.

If you have any questions please comment it below , i will replay all questions as soon as possible 

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