Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mozilla Firefox is going to change it's Interface: Download nighly version

Mozilla Firefox , one of the major web browser in the world is going to change its interface to a new one. After the release of Firefox 4 there weren't  any big changes in  the browser. But we think that  they are going to change its interface. We found a Firefox with  the new interface. It looks beautiful than previous one.

Here is some screenshot of new Firefox 22 Nightly version

Mozilla Firefox 22 nightly version
Mozilla Firefox 22 nightly download
You can see changes in tab style. It look beautiful than old one , beside this there are many changes in new nightly version

Changes in Navigation buttons
New Download Window - Same Window for Bookmarks, Downloads
New Themes and Extentions
Faster startup
New features in Web developer tools

Mozilla Firefox 22 nighty version available in all platform , Linux , Mac and Windows.

Download Mozilla Firefox 22 nightly UX 

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Ahsan said...

wow.. the new update version looks amazing. I think it'll help users to be more comfortable to use Mozilla with new interface


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