Saturday, February 9, 2013

UC Web browser for Windows 8

Most of the Indians heard about UC Web browser. A few years ago , most of us have a Nokia or some other Mobile phone with ordinary Java operating system. These OS had very bad Web browsers , useless and ugly... On that days we had downloaded the UC web browser and Opera for browsing . But now we have Android and other new Operating systems like BlackBerry and Windows 8 Phone OS. On these operating systems we have beautiful and powerful web browsers , like Safari for iOS , Android web browser for Android and Internet Explorer for Windows Operating system. Beside these browsers we  have a dozen of good browsers like Google chrome , Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

As we mentioned above, the UC web browser was one of the popular web browsers. For Windows 8 operating system whether it is Tablet or Computer , UC Company release an HD web browser  called UC Web browser HD. Unlike other Web browsers , it has a beautiful interface. Here are some screenshots , after that we will explain its features.

UC Web browser for Windows 8
UC Web Browser for Windows 8
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You can download contents directly from website using the download icon , you can see it on the second image( Mentioned as 1 ) . "Plus (+)" button ont the right top side is used to open new tabs. On the bottom center you can enter yout urls and also search key words.

This browser has speed dial like Opera and google chrome,beside this there are thousand of links t various popular website. These icons are shown in different categories.

Home page UC Web Browser
It require adobe flash player, download adobe flash player system plugin from adobe website in order to play YouTube and other online video streaming websites.

Bottom:  It is beautiful and simple. It has less features compare with Internet Explorer. it is faster than Internet Explorer.

Where you can download : Open your Windows store and search for " UC Web browser HD". Install and use it

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Anderson said...

Is this will come inbuilt while installing the win 8 or we have to install it after install windows 8?

sibin xavier said...

You need to download and Install this software on your Windows 8 machine.You can find this software on Microsoft Windows store


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