Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Light and Simple metro Music player application for Windows 8

Windows 8 is a good operating system for Music lovers because you can install many music related applications like guitar , organ ,  which are already in Android and the iPhone Operating system. Today  i installed a simple and light application for Windows operating system. The application called " The Best Audio Player" . It is a very light application has size 578KB. Here is screenshot ...

Best Audio Player
Why we select this audio player 

1. Simple and light application : installation size of this audio player is 581kb

2. Background playing : it play songs in the background so you can do other works in your ordinary desktop

3.Simple interface

4. Simple navigation buttons

5. Simple playlist

6. Increase or decrease speed of the audio playback

Cons :

1. No visualizations

2. No advanced features

3. No shuffle or repeat

4. No sound settings

If you like a simple player you can use this application. In our experience it worked well. If you need a advanced audio player try some other applications.

How to open file or add files to Best Audio player??

If you expert on Windows 8 you can use it very easily. But if you are a beginner you need a simple help for it.

To open file :

If you want to play audio files , just click on "Open" ( You can see that button on the right side of the Audio player) . Then you get this window.

Open audio files on Windows 8

Click on the File menu , you will get this drop down menu. Select the folder that contains audio files or Just click on Computer and select the disk and open it . You can open  any folder by clicking that folder. Open music folder and open it.

Add single or all files to player

This player support almost all audio files.

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sibin xavier said...

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