Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Facebook virus came to Facebook.Please avoid it

Security companies found a new Facebook virus on Facebook. Users must avoid these virus apps. If you affected with this virus it automatically updates your Facebook status and tag your friends. You can use norton or other Facebook scanning apps to prevent these apps. Users must care about this. If you see this image or app , please report it or delete it from your Timeline.

Problems: It updates your status with virus link.
It tag your friends
It shares to your friends

Facebook virus app

This image shows that it came from  YouTube. When you click this link it redirect to one website which look like an actual YouTube website. You can verify this by  checking url. url is not related to YouTube.
So avoid this type of messages.

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Ahsan said...

Virus are regular threat for internet users. Thanks for update information

Anupma kumari said...

I too had received few viruses on my Facebook account. These are very annoying. How can one prevent such viruses to their FB account? node js outsourcing products.


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