Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to watch Ordinary videos in 3D mode

3 Dimention  films have better Video effects and can give a wonderful user experience  than an ordinary films . Most of the  films release in 2D format , may be it due to high expensive of 3D processing and recording. But there are many softwares available to watch all videos in 3D formats. One of the best software is PowerDVD. PowerDVD is one of the most popular video player for playing high definition videos. Latest version includes many features like 3D view and Blueray videos. 

PowerDVD is not a free version , but you can download a 30 day trial version. Here is the screenshot of PowerDVD player.

Power DVD 12
3D view
If you have a high definition video like 1080p or 720p or higher, you can easily get a high quality 3D output. While watching videos just click on the 3D icon. You can also customize 3D effect by clicking down arrow button. In our views it is a must software for those have a big monitor and home theater system . PowerDVD also supports remote management if your system far from you but in the same room or near rooms.

Download and experience yourself

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Ahsan said...

I also use Power DVD. Here movie looks very clear & the 3D effects are awesome


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