Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to customize Windows 8 metro desktop background

Windows 8 has dual desktop , ordinary desktop and metro desktop. Metro desktop is a new  feature of Windows 8. By default Microsoft provides a lot of customization for Windows 8 metro desktop. But they are pre installed, we can't install any new design or pattern. Now we can change it with our own images and pattern. Decor8 is one of the software uses to change Windows 8 metro desktop background and colors. It can also be used to change the number of rows and columns. Decor8 is not a free version but company offers a 30 day trial software to check it's features.


Customize Windows 8 with decor8
Customize Windows 8 metro desktop changer

Background : You can change the metro background with own images or pre installed images. It also allows you to change background image automatically.

Color : Color of tiles.

Options : Number of rows and columns.

Lock screen : Background of lock screen.

Download : Decor8

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