Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to check your Laptop temperature

Heat problems on Laptops is more serious than Desktops.Desktops have more space to remove heat but in the case of Laptops , it is difficult to remove Heat . If you are not a game addict or a graphic designer, you don't worry about heat problem. But this only on Windows operating systems. If you are a Linux users , your system will heat more than a Windows Netbook. There are some solutions but i don't know how effective it is. We can turn off Graphic driver on Linux , but it is not a best  solution. OS operations itself heats laptop. So just avoid Linux Operating system or use a good Cooling pad to keep your system cool. Heat problem is not a harm for ordinary user but if you spend more time, it also heats your HDD and other parts. The system automatically shuts down if processor exceeds it's heat limit. But this not applicable to other parts. HDD becomes damage if it's temperature exceed a particular limit. So try to cool your system.

In this post we share a small software to find Temperature of your  system. You can see the temperature . This software called Speed Fan . Speed Fan  uses to see temperature of HDD , Processor  and System. There is some option to change speed. But don't change it.

HDD - Cooler than ordinary Laptop. I have Lenovo Z570 , ( New versions Z580) it is one of the best Laptop below Rs:45K.

I have an Intel i5 processor , it has two core and 4 threads.

Don't use this option.It is for advanced users.

Download Speed Fan

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Ahsan said...

I don't know there is a software - Speed Fan to check Laptop temperature. Its very good to know. So we can understand when we need to give rest.


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