Friday, January 11, 2013

Download Ubuntu Mobile OS live wallpaper for Android Phones

As you know , Ubuntu is going to release a Mobile Phone OS based on Linux. It will happen in this year. How it differ from others ? Those who saw the Ubuntu Mobile OS video , can easily  understand how beautiful it is. In my personal view , it seem to be more beautiful than latest Android Jelly beans. It is more user friendly than Android and iOS.

It also supports all other Ubuntu platforms like Ubuntu OS , upcoming Ubuntu TV and Ubuntu cloud. So you can easily manage everything using this phone. Unlike other OS , it has some new features , watch this video carefully to understand that features. Words can't explain everything so  you must watch.

First Ubuntu Mobile phone will be a Samsung phone. Phone look like latest Galaxy S3, maybe it will be a Ubuntu derivative of Samsung Galaxy.

Watch this video to know more about the upcoming Ubuntu Mobile OS

Ubuntu Mobile OS home screen
The developers made a Home screen live wallpaper app for Android Mobile phones. Those who like this home screen , you can download it from play store.

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