Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to find product key/serial key of a Installed Windows OS

Product keys or serial keys are very important for Windows OS. We can use any Windows 7 source to install Windows on our system. Without serial key we can't activate it.Many of us have pre installed Windows on Laptop or Desktop. There are chances to lose serial key. If  you want to format and reinstall it again you need a serial key.Here is a trick to get serial keys or product keys from an installed Windows PC.So you can use it again.

Download Product key finder( Buy original version)

Install it on your computer

Click on start to recover and choose anyone from the list

Product Key Finder
You will get a product key if you have a full version

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Kishore said...

hey this tool is working fine.
thanks to share with us.

Anderson said...

I have already tried this but I'm getting some error in another language that can't understand it.


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