Friday, December 7, 2012

How to download Windows 8 90 days trial version

Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft.Many of us already turned to Windows 8.If you buy Windows 8 before next February you need only Rs 2000 to download after that it costs more than Rs 12,000.So buy it before offere end.

 Many people afraid that Windows 8 is more difficult than Windows 7 , it lacks Start menu and other useful features.But when you start to use Windows it become easier , if you know all Windows 8 short keys. Those who afraid to buy Windows 8 , Microsoft provide a 90 day Windows 8 trial version.Using this time limit you can learn everything and experience it.

The trial version is completely free , it also provides the option to upgrade full version.

Here is the link

You need 

Microsoft outlook account.Goto and create a new account 

Use this link to download Windows 8. Both 32 and 64 bit versions available.If you have 64 bit PC please download 64 bit version.

64 bit has 3.25 GB size 

Windows 8
Downloading Windows 8 90 trial(FTP/HTTP download)

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