Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why should we buy Windows 8 before next year

Windows 8 is a latest Operating system released in a couple of week ago.It is the most beautiful and powerful OS Microsoft ever made.The new Metro Interface ( Modern Interface ) is the first visible feature compare to older versions.It has two desktops , one look like Tablet Desktop and other like old Windows versions.Many people criticize Windows 8 due to the new look but it was the brilliant step by Microsoft. Because Tablets and Net book have high demand than Desktop. Most of the people like to buy a Tablet even though they have all gadgets. So if Microsoft follows old Windows user interface no one will buy Windows Tablets.Main focus of Windows is on Tablets and Net books.

Unlike Windows 7 it need less hardware resource , it's aero is simple so it work in almost all devices.Other features are

Windows 8 Tablets

- Faster boot time
-More powerful
-Protection against virus
-Secure Boot option
-Dual desktop
-Windows 7 app support
-Windows store
-Windows Game store
-Real time notifications

Faster boot time :It will boot faster than Ubuntu or other OS but turn off take more time.

Dual desktop and apps: Metro app work only in Windows 8 these software are different from ordinary softwares. 2 Internet explorer available one work with Metro desktop and other in default desktop.Apps are arranged like Tiles. Icons are replaced by Tiles in new Interface.Like Internet Explorer , two Windows media player , PDF reader , Picture viewers are available.Metro apps work better in Tablets and Touch devices.

Windows store : You can buy apps from Windows store.You need a Microsoft account ( ) to sign Windows app store.Apps are mainly available in three category Free/Trail and Paid. Xbox is used to download and Play games.

Real time notifications : Notifications like Facebook comments,like other will display in Metro desktop.

Secured Boot option is a new concept it is used to prevent virus and threats attacks in boot time and hardware.Only signed OS able to install so you can't install most of Linux derivatives but Fedora , OpenSUSE like OS also work in Secured Boot option.

Windows 8 bring a new era of Entertainment through Metro apps , there are lot of social media , entertainment ,news ,finance and everything we want.So i said it is beautiful and powerful.

Why should we buy iy before 2013 February 

Currently Microsoft offer promotional offer, you can upgrade your system from Windows XP SP3,Vista , Windows 7 at just Rs 1999. If you have a new PC bought after June 2012 you can upgrade it with just Rs 699. This offer only available up to February next year.After that you need Rs 12,000 to buy Windows 8 pro version. So download it as soon as possible.Windows 8 upgradation will easier on Windows 7 machines because you can keep your apps,personal files and windows settings

Buy Windows 8

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