Thursday, November 8, 2012

Free Microsoft office for Android will land in next year

Microsoft Office is very popular among all kinds of users. None of the softwares, free or paid could replace Microsoft office. Microsoft Office is one of  the reasons behind windows Operating System's wild popularity. Google docs , Libre office , Open office and so many free and cloud softwares are available but still Microsoft office leads in the office software section.
Microsoft is very simple and easy to use as it has tools to correct our grammar and other mistakes and it's interface is also simple to use. Libre Office and Open Office are good, but it lacks features such as  it doesnt have enough templates for presentation and lack many other good features as well.
Windows OS , Widows phone OS , Apple Mac OS and Apple iOS has office support but none of the Linux OS has Office support. But this will change after May 2013.Microsoft is going to release an Office suit version for Android OS. The next word will be a shock for everyone , Microsoft Office for Android will be a free version that can be used to view files and also can be used to create one..

Microsoft office for Andoid 
According to some leaked news Microsoft Office 2013 will be available in the Google Play Store free of cost. They might limit the features in the Android versions to promote their smart phone OS. Anyway this version will be able to most of the basic functions. Like other Microsoft products, we need a Microsoft account like to install office on Android devices.. This news is not  yet  confirmed but we do trust the source.

[Source: EFY Magazine ]

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