Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Facebook Reportedly Testing a Photo Sync Feature

There is no doubt about the fact that Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world. As a result of its popularity, Facebook is being followed both by fans, users, media and critics as well. In the recent past, everything that Facebook does seems to come into limelight. This could be owing to the huge fan base and the hype created by media, blog owners, critics and other category of people that are involved in optimization, technology, and social media network.

The latest Facebook Updates

Here is yet another update or News revolving around the leading social media network.
Facebook begins examining a new feature among a tiny group of people who automatically upload their camera photos from iOS devices to other private folders in the user profile. iOS Facebook users will notice a difference in their profile - users will be able to automatically sync iPod touch, iPad and iPhone to the social site. Facebook’s photo syncing ability is now being tested only on iOS devices. The feature will later be implemented in other platforms like Android and Windows. This new feature is being given a trial for a tiny group of people. The snapped pictures can thereafter be removed or shared publicly or kept private.

New Facebook photos
Facebook Photo

The new photo syncing ability is not a secret as Facebook at present has a page in its website that talks about the feature in depth and how it functions and other details. To use the particular feature, Facebook claims that users must have the latest version of the Facebook application. The syncing starts as soon as users tap on the sync option available below the Photos menu.

A whopping 2GB of photos can be restored in the mobile device. It is also rumored that Facebook also silently tested the feature on devices running on the Android platform. However, there is no clarity over how many individuals will be able to use Facebook’s new snap syncing feature.

How does Photo syncing function?

When the photo syncing is turned on, the photos on your mobile phone will be stored in a private area of Facebook photos. Share your synced photos easily with the help of desktop timeline mobile devices or any other device. These photo synching can be previewed first using a phone. The photos are viewable only to you. However, you can choose to show or hide photos depending on individuals.

Where will I locate my synced photos? 

Your snaps are stored privately in a category of Facebook photos that is viewable only to you. From here you can pick the right slots for sending or sharing private messages.
If you want to sync your photos using your phone, you can perform the following actions:

1) Launch the photos application in the left navigation.
2) Select the photos option
3) Then select the synced option below the photos page.

If you want to sync your photos using your computer, perform the following actions

1) Go to timeline
2) Select photos
3) Select synced from phone on the top of the photos page.
If this feature passes its trial period and is implemented into the social network, then shooting stars should enjoy it.

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Anderson said...

I wonder if it's going to upload them at the max resolution (2048 longest side) or a smaller, re-sized version. I've noticed that the Facebook app on iOS6 re sizes all photo uploads down to 960 longest side, but the Facebook Camera uses 2048 longest side.

MM Enterprises said...

Wow, Nice information's this is a very useful thanks for info.

Ahsan said...

Facebook is updating regularly its feature. Photo Sync Feature is new revolution. I think it will encourage more mobile users


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