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Difference between SEO and SEM

SEO stands for search engine optimization, whereas SEM stands for search engine marketing.So what's the difference?  The brief answer is that search engine optimization is a collection of methods and techniques, which are geared towards getting a website ranked higher in a search engines results page.

Search engine marketing is a selection of methods and techniques, which are geared towards getting traffic to a website or to promote something which is often noted on the web page their adverts are linked to.  SEM also includes SEO, but that does not work the other way round.  Search engine optimization is a form of search engine marketing, but it is also part of making a website more user friendly and easy to find.

What does a search engine marketing involve?

Let us assume that the person who is doing the search engine marketing has already taken care of their websites SEO.  In this case search engine marketing will involve things such as paid adverts.  Paid adverts are usually done through a thing called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

This is where adverts run on websites without charging the advertiser.  The advertiser is only charged if the user clicks on the advert.  These types of adverts can also be run on search engines and therefore are considered to be Search Engine Marketing.

Paying for inclusion

This is a little different to Pay-Per-Click advertising, because the advertiser is charged straight away.  The advertiser is charged for their inclusion into a directory.  This is another form of search engine marketing.
 Search engine optimization involves getting the website ranked higher up the search engine results pages
SEO should be done on-page.  This means that every webpage should be optimized with the keywords, descriptions, Meta tags, and a title.

Being internally linked

A very well optimized website should be very well internally linked, so that users can easily find their way around the website.  This will also help it rank higher on the search engine results pages.

Being linked to

Part of search engine optimization is being linked to from outside sources.  Getting links from other domains is a good way of raising a website search engines results position.
 Can SEO and SEM work is a harmony or in tandem?
 SEO is part of SEM, so if you were to increase your SEO efforts then the rise in website ranking would benefit your SEM campaign. You can however set up a situation so that your marketing campaign affects your SEO and makes it rise.
If you are able to market your website on a search engine, you are also able to convince people to link to it. If they link to it than your websites ranking will improve due to its increase SEO. So both methods of gaining attention can be used to further the cause of the other.
 Search engine marketing is not restricted to websites
SEO is all about getting a website ranked higher, but search engine marketing can be about something else. Search engine marketing can be about getting attention for an event or selling a certain product. SEO is only about getting a website or a web page ranked higher.

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