Friday, October 26, 2012

Mozilla add Facebook Integration to Firefox 17 beta version

Which is the best Web browser , it is difficult to find one , it depend on your requirements and needs.But many people use Google chrome as a useful browser.Currently it handle 36% share in the Web world. IE and Mozilla Firefox has remain share. After Social networking site boom , Web browser became an important part of the OS, it is the most used software in any operating system than any other productive or Entertainment software. Most of developers add numerous features on Web browsers , Web browser can be used to watch, edit videos and also used to play games other than default web browsing feature.

In last few years we saw that Google chrome became most used Web browser.Because of it's useful   features, very helpful for both users and developers.For example  Inspect Element is the best developer tool for all web designers , Chrome Web developer tools are much easier and useful than Firefox tools. Besides this , it have thousand of apps in  Chrome web store.

Google chrome have many useful apps for ordinary users , for example Remote desktop app can used to access a remote desktop , it work same as Team Viewer , Google doc - alternate to Microsoft office , can be used to edit office files. In addition to these apps there are thousand of SEO, Entertainment , Media , Social Networking apps available. These apps make Google chrome a favorite choice. Google says , Google chrome is the fastest browser in the world , all Google products will work faster in Google chrome than any other browsers, and it is true. Many people use Google chrome because they trust in Google.

What about Mozilla Firefox , it was considered the best Browser a few years back , before Google chrome release , Mozilla was the favorite browser for all.Any way they try hard to come back. Yesterday we got an E-mail from Mozilla blog ( Because we subscribed Mozilla Email news letter , when any new release or major updates happen they will send you news letter) it says that New Mozilla Firefox 17 beta add Facebook Integration. To know please look on below image.

Mozilla Firefox 17 beta with Facebook notification and side bar
Facebook notification bar 

This is  Facebook notification bar , it placed right top of your Firefox browser.It same as your Facebook notification on Facebook page.It will give real time notifications and updates.
Facebook notification on Firefox

Facebook side bar and chat 

Firefox side bar and chat
Firefox create a new Side bar and Chat system like Facebook.This feature allow you to chat with your friends even though you are in other websites.It will increase your productive time, you can do your work and also can chat with your Facebook friends if you need. Firefox chat is different from Facebook , it will show different color for online and offline friends and also play a sound when someone start chat or add a new message.

To get these features you should have latest Mozilla Firefox version , Firefox 17 or higher. Atleast you need Mozilla Firefox 17 beta version.

Download : Mozilla Firefox 17 beta

For more details : Facebook messenger for Firefox

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Ahsan said...

Although Mozilla add Facebook notification bar with the latest update, still I think bloggers will love to use Google Chrome as it has unique extensions which are browsers can't provide

Andersom said...

Its better to integrate with Google Chrome rather than Mozilla because Mozilla is too slower than Chrome. System is stucking because of Mozillla

Ashok said...

This is nice update, good info but i like chrome for working.


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