Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to solve Blogger Theme editing problem in new Blogger Interface

One month ago Blogger completely moved to new Interface and remove old blogger interface. This new Interface is better than old one in many ways , image upload is improved with many option , and many new SEO features like search description , custom permalink etc were added. Any way new Interface is better but there is a minor problem , while editing Template code , page goes blank after a few seconds. So editing xml template became a problem.We found an alternate way to edit XML codes/ Template codes.

In this way you can edit your codes as well as customize your Template. JS switcher , Mozilla extension will help

1. First of all , Install JS switch extension 

2. Restart Mozilla Firefox

3. Menu --> Option  or View -> option ( In Windows XP mode )
Select or Enable Add bar and Navigation tool bar.

4. Then you can see JS button on the bottom bar

Watch this video

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Ahsan said...

I already saw the new interface but don't face problem yet. I saves this tips

Anderson said...

It is much useful article to me thanks a lot !


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